About us

Mhlanga consulting is a highly professional cleaning company, that has been actively involved in the cleaning business from  2018 to date.

Our key goals whenever we are hired is to make sure cleaning services are discharged in accordance to cleaning standards maintaining a clean environment  where cross contamination is avoided. We provide our services within the client’s budget constraints, no hidden costs are expected once a quotation has been issued and agreed upon by both parties. 



To grow the company and become a first choice service provider where cleaning services are required.

To become one of the biggest suppliers of cleaning equipment and materials in Africa.

We feel strongly that we should grow the company and provide training and cleaning services across the borders of South Africa, to avoid and contain outbreaks of diseases. 


  • We believe customer satisfaction is of paramount important for every successful business
  • Safety for our personnel and customers comes first.
  • Delivery of services should be within deadlines and should be delivered according to global standards
  • We believe in empowering our personnel and the community at large.
  • We believe integrity is an ingredient in the growth of any business.
  • We believe in promoting best business practice and industry growth.






The company prides itself in their highly qualified, experienced and ethical personnel.

  • Projects Manager: comes highly qualified with NQ-L4 in admin and 4 years experience in the cleaning industry. She posses excellent interpersonal skills and a positive team player.
  • Office administrator : The lady comes with vast experience in office admin and is the key strategist in the company.
  • Senior cleaner: comes with 14 years of experience in the cleaning industry, has been very capable of disseminating cleaning knowledge down to the lowest level cleaner, and has proven , she can work under pressure.
  • We have in our midst professional designers and are ready to provide you with all your tailoring requirements. 
  • Routine refresher courses that we have been giving to our workers have also been very empowering to our workers.

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